7 Reasons You’ll Fall Head Over Heels for an Interior Designer

Interior Designers seated on a sofa with interior decor and a golden retriever.

You know interior designers create almost too-good-to-be true spaces, but did you know we do wayyyyy more than that?

We’re your confidant. We’re that fearless (and amazingly sassy) best friend. We’re the ones who have your back + clean up spills before you even know they’re there. Sign me up!

Your home shouldn’t simply look a-m-a-z-i-n-g it should reflect your personality, your story + function in a way that works with how you + your family live.

Here’s our top 7 reasons for why to hire an interior designer. Psst… it’s all that we love to do for you… and why you’ll love it, too.

#7 | Interior Design + Decor That Make Your Heart Pound

Let’s talk about the elephant in this wildly awesome room. First, we design homes filled with furnishings + interior decorations just for you. Not your neighbor, not for Pinterest + not for those chic little Insta squares — you. As your interior designer and decorator, we bring to life the story you want your home to tell.

Why settle for a watered-down + incomplete room design when it could be a really juicy, page-turning love letter to you + your family? Yes, please!

A distressed wood dresser with interior decor, faux plants and a distressed wood mirror.

#6 | AH-mazing Connections

Real talk: interior designers aren’t one-man shows, or even two-man. (hey, John!) Teams of people have our backs… and any friend of ours instantly becomes a friend of yours.

This fun little working family includes those skilled craftsmen, handy contractors, and dozens of product suppliers who, between you + me, often give us below-market rates on their latest + finest. Dibs!!

You no longer have to stress about which electrician, plumber and/or contractor you can trust (let alone hire) because you’re instantly going to have better contacts at your fingertips.

#5 | Jealousy-Inducing Efficiency

A design project, no matter how big or small, is like one big puzzle. If you let them, those puzzle pieces will crawl up, down + every which-way like toddlers with a taste for freedom! (Oh boy, do I know about toddlers!)

Professional Interior designers + decorators who have been around the block a few times (or a hundred) know how to wrangle all the aspects of a room design + remodel project. Having a strong direction + a plan of action for your home ensures all the moving pieces that go into making your home the place you never want to leave are executed to perfection. Wham. Bam. Done.

We’ll plan for your optimal timeline, budget + manage everything from start to O-M-G finish.

A wood parsons style dining table with tufted dining chairs and a patterned rug.

#4 | Navigating the Big Stuff

Like everything in this rom-com called life, stuff can happen.

Lucky for you, an interior designer’s trained eyes can spot issues before they even start. We’ll navigate any avoidable problems, saving your timeline, budget + sanity. (Not necessarily in that order!)

If something not-so-good should arise, we won’t bring you a frustrating problem. We’ll work closely with our talented team of contractors + tradesmen to bring you a very happy solution... or two, or three to choose from.


I already covered the dreamy, fall-in-love-with-your-home aspect of our role, but I didn’t completely dive into the functional side of things. While good design takes time, it doesn’t happen by chance. We want your home to work for you + your family.

Nope, not talking about a “smart” home here. I’m talking about having a well-planned space that fits how you + your family use your home, a cohesive flow from room to room, storage that makes sense for your needs + so much more.

Addicted to Voss like we are? Let’s set up storage for surplus right where you’ll need it. Hungry kiddos who like to nom on after-school snacks? Let’s create a thoughtful + joyful space for them, too.

As your interior designers, this is where we deep dive during our in-home discovery meeting to identify exactly what you need from your home. Not only are you going to save money + time by working with an interior designer because you’re now focused on how you live in the space but you’re offloading the difficult task of making your home a guilty pleasure to us :)


#2 | Blissfully… Normal

Imagine you didn’t hire an interior design to help with your next home design project, you’re at work + your phone rings… It’s one of your contractors telling you about an issue they found. Now you have to dash out of the office like a mad-woman while mumbling hurried excuses to your coworkers.

Um... awkward.

As your interior designers, we don’t put you in this situation. We handle all that we can but keep you in the know, so you can continue living your normal life — whatever your definition of the word. ;)

#1 | Peace of Mind With A WOW

As your chauffeurs on this joy-ride, we’re the ones who navigate the road for you + give you ultimate peace of mind. Meanwhile…

You get to ride shotgun, gaze dreamily out the window, and arrive at our dream destination ready to fall in love with your home.

Because we’re trained to think about form, function + style as your interior designer and decorator, we’ve learned to see the big picture before it’s ever there. We push you to think outside of the box + to be daring knowing with absolute certain the WOW factor of the complete home design.

Along the way, not only will you get great interior design advice, ideas + tips but you’ll be collaborating on every detail from furniture layout + placement, lighting choices, color, fabrics + textures to finishing fixtures.

The best part?

You’ll have absolute confidence in your decisions because we won’t let you make the wrong choice for your home or life by explaining our professional design opinion.

You mean when we’re done my home will be highly functional to my family + beautiful?

Exactly, girl!

White kitchen countertops and herringbone subway tile with a natural wood cutting board and cake stand.

In other words, we pour our heart + soul into your project so you can savor every happy, delicious moment with your family.

And we love it.

— Sherri

Wood elements and greenery on white countertops.


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