Create a home that feels like a guilty pleasure


Get organized + live with purpose in a home you love



I’m Sherri Monte

AND that handsome guy next to me, that’s my HUBBY John

As experts in the Interior Design + Professional Home Organizing world, we’re nerds when it comes to creating beautifully organized spaces + our obsession is teaching reluctantly overwhelmed women (who like yourself) want nothing more than to make their homes feel like a guilty pleasure!

With boundless enthusiasm + plenty of natural talent, we began Elegant Simplicity in 2009 + literally, haven't looked back.

By peeling back the overwhelming layers of uncertainty our goal is to see home + what it looks like…through your eyes. 

A place you grow up wanting to leave + get old wanting to come back to. It’s were your wifi connects automatically + you feel comfortable walking around without shoes. A place where there’s endless love, laughter + laundry. Home is where you want to be.


Live With Purpose.

Every day, more things make their way into our lives. Things in our homes... things on our calendars... things on our minds. Until eventually, all of these things become overwhelming + wind up getting in the way of how we perceive ourselves + the life we envisioned. With wild ambitions, this is where John + I come in -- to help you rediscover the very best version of yourself. #LiveWithPurpose