Hey There! 


We’re Seattle-based interior designers, home organizers, and educators with big dreams. Not to mention we’re kind of obsessed with: good food, loving our people + making home feel like a place you never want to leave. 

We believe in empowering others + teaching you how to live a more purposeful life by decluttering, organizing + designing a home you can call your very own guilty pleasure.  

In 2009, John + I had a conversation. A serious heart-to-heart that forever changed my life. I was that woman. Overwhelmed. Unfulfilled. Uncertain. And it wasn’t until John granted me permission to be unapologetic in the pursuit of my dreams. Psst… he’s a keeper *wink*

As a husband + wife team,  we slowly-but-surely built a brand, designed + organized every nook and cranny of our own home + transformed from doubtful newbies into a savvy entrepreneurial couple. Then, just a few years later, our work was published in a laundry list of both online publications + print magazines. 

We were invigorated by a burning desire to help women create a beautiful life + home that not only reminded them of their worth but inspired them to live fearlessly while empowering them to be nothing short of audacious.

What better place to do that than starting at home?

Like magic, that single conversation, many years ago, led us to the business we call Elegant Simplicity. Today, you can find me snuggled up in our Camano Island home with our son, Brooklyn Carter, or basking on the beaches in Hawaii. Ok, that second part is just me trying to convince myself that the misty-overcast-cloudy Seattle sky is really something else :)

Looking back, I should’ve known that the little girl with long brunette ringlets, who’d muster up any excuse to sneak inside on a hot summer day only to reorganize my mother’s pantry (or disappear into the limitless opportunities of fabric + paint swatches in her home office) would someday herself become a bad-ass entrepreneur.

By inspiring them to live more + to stress less because YOLO and no matter how we slice it... life’s too short!

We dream everyday about the infinite ways we can help other women ‘live with purpose’ by decluttering, organizing + designing a home that hugs their soul.

Bet you never knew that interior design + home organizing could be so introspective, did ya?

If we can be that permission granter, that ooey-gooey-almost-too-good-to-be-true bestie that whispers: “you’re worthy of a beautiful life + home” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then, we’ll consider our job complete.

Whether we’re getting organized or designing your dream home, together we’ll walk hand-in-hand. Take risks. Dare greatly + start living life to the fullest.

I’m a proud working mama of one amazing little dude + that handsome fella you see around here is my ultra-hunky husband, John.

I use Pinterest like it might not be there tomorrow, I worship quiet time like a deity, and think smoothies with fresh fruit are one of the greatest inventions of all time.

When it comes to being mom, wife, interior designer, organizer + entrepreneur there always seems to be a question about how a woman can do it all. Babe, I do my best + live with the rest!

Having a toddler + working from home means there is almost always something to keep my eye on. Whether it’s Brooklyn, trying to grab a knife from off the counter, the seemingly endless piles of laundry, my Todoist tasks at work, all-hands meetings + birthday parties to plan (not to mention football) ...or the zillion other things that might come my way during the week, day, hour or second to try and overwhelm me? I’ve got this! 

Instead of spiraling out of control, I find comfort in the uncertainty. Comfort in this life. I embrace my chaos. I stick to my routines like my life depends on it. And I strive to feel centered amidst the frenzy. 

Because all of these things… are simply my blessings.

-xo sherri


I’m John Monte, the second half of the aforementioned duo and former collegiate football coach with one too many acronyms attached at the end of my LinkedIn profile.

I worship a warm cup of coffee to start my morning, I read a lot about serving others because the lives you impact are more important than what you accumulate. I’m a believer in manifesting the things you desire most in life by dreaming them up + working hard to achieve them.

I realized, the first time my son said, “Da-da” that your heart beats outside your body. Brooklyn has inspired me to love my wife more than I thought I ever could + to model the man I hope he will grow up to be. 

I don’t know if there’s a blueprint for this amazing thing we call life (psst… if you’ve got one, holla at ya boy!) but, I know I’m doing my best.

And that’s enough for me.


Hey you! 

I’m Christy Miller. A home organizer + a modern day renaissance woman at Elegant Simplicity. Oh, did I mention that not only am I Sherri’s best friend but I’m also John’s sister. *wink* No doubt... family’s where it’s at!

My husband Matt + I break bread (ok, fine: they’re actually corn chips) but we dip them in our homemade guacamole that’s to-die-for. We live a full life in our tiny home that sits on a little piece of land.

We sleep with our furry four-legged child because I don’t believe in sad eyes. And the same goes for spoiling my nephew, Brooklyn and niece, Edith too!

I love big, I love hard, and I try to find the joy in the journey of everyday life. Traveling with my passport in hand is my guilty pleasure. I’m an adopter of the “we’re in this together” vibe and feel empowered lending a helping hand to others.