How To Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Home

Bright white drapery in a Bellevue, Washington living room.

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home + instantly wowed by her space that you though to yourself “how do I decorate my house like this?”

If so, I’m willing to bet window coverings played a big role in your jaw-droppage!

John + I are guilty over here too… beautiful drapery or a stunning Roman shade has been known to stop us dead in our tracks!

Wondering which window treatments will create the biggest visual impact in your space?

Friend, we've got you “covered!” ...couldn't resist myself. ;)

Where do we start?

Window treatments add a big style impact to a space, but style isn’t the first thing you should look for. Before anything else, you need to know what you want your window coverings to do for you.

The best interior design always takes into account both aesthetic + function.

Why? Because each room might require something a little different. So we’re not simply identifying what looks good in your windows, we want to know what you need (or desire) from the window covering.

In one room of your home, you might need privacy.

In a sun-facing room, you might want a little help regulating the temperature.

And in another, you might want to filter the sunlight + protect those luscious hardwood floors or your light-sensitive eyeballs. (Hey, it happens.)

Knowing how you plan to use the space + what you desire from your home, as your interior designer we'll be able to recommend the best type of window coverings… and in some cases, we may even layer multiple!

For example, for maximum control over several factors such as light, temperature and privacy, we could layer both curtains as well as blinds. Not only does this give you everything you need, but let's be honest... it also looks like a dream!

As I mentioned before, the best home design should have both aesthetic and function in mind. With all that identified, we can focus on fabulous, swoon-worthy colors + styles... are you as eager as I am?!

Texture throw pillows on a traditional sofa with white blinds.

How do we choose the right colors or pattern for your window coverings?

The moment you’ve been waiting for… let's talk about the colors, patterns + visual appeal of your window coverings.

There are three simple ways we can approach style for your window coverings: mimic, unify or contrast with the rest of the room design.

MIMIC: While not identical, the fabric or style we choose for your window coverings blends well with the design of the rest of the room.

UNIFY: If a room consists of several different colors or shades, a window covering pattern that brings these colors together will create visual interior design harmony to the space.

CONTRAST: Introducing a complementary color or bold pattern in your window treatments can make it the showstopper of the room!

Of course, we'll give you a some options to see which you like best. ;)

Ripple fold drapery in a Kirkland, Washington home with blonde hardwood floors and a navy blue rug.

How should you hang your window treatments?

Alright, let’s talk about installing these babies, because when it comes to window coverings, it's all about creating illusions.

Truthfully, what we can do together to create a home that feels like a guilty pleasure is incredibly exciting to me.

In other words, if we hang drapery high + wide, we can make a small room in your home feel larger or an awkwardly shaped window that your home has feel bigger + brighter.

Length is important too.

We almost always, when space allows, take the window covering all the way to the floor. This avoids chopping the room at the waist — because you want visual flow where the whole house feels cohesive + we're gonna give it to ya, sister!

A stunning formal dining room with upholster wingback chairs, ripple fold drapery panels and a wood parson style table.

So, which rooms in your home could benefit from window coverings that function well? Or make the room feel larger, brighter, and more visually SHABAM?!

Hit. us. up… and we’ll hook you up. ;)

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— Sherri



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