How We Choose the Best Lighting for Your Home

A formal living room in a Seattle craftsman home.

The right interior lighting design can have you zinging with excitement, feeling head-over-heels about life, and throw your neighbors into a fit of jealousy…

Which is probably why you won’t be surprised when I tell you that as an interior designer a LOT of details go into choosing the perfect lighting for your space. (Can you guess how many??)

Ready for lighting that’s a mega success? Let’s talk about it, babe.

Classic Lighting Options + Ideas for Your Home

First, the type of lighting matters... and the options are nearly endless.

You have chandeliers, pendants, sconces, floor and table lamps, task lighting, ambient lighting--you get the picture. The sky (or ceiling) is the limit!

Lighting is one of the single, most impactful design elements in your space.

So, whether you’re designing a new home, remodeling or redecorating your existing one we highly suggest you avoid muddling through the mess + consult a professional interior designer for this one! :)

A formal living room in a Kirkland, Washington home that has a slate fireplace and white moulding.

How to Space Lighting Throughout Your Home

Picking lighting isn't just about style--it's also about function.

How can we space light throughout a room to make sure every nook + corner is getting the amount of light you need?

For example, we might place wall sconce lighting on either side of a fireplace, but if this is a living room you use a lot, you'll also need task lighting over head for reading + enjoying company.

Interior design isn’t merely about aesthetic, function is always a b-i-g factor!

How to Choose the Best Size & Dimension

The size of lighting your room needs depend largely on… the size of the room + where the light is going!

Design (+ life) is all about balance, in size, dimension, location, and light output.

Being that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula here, don’t be a stranger! As your designer, we’ll knock this one out of the park for you + it can even be done in a 2-hour interior design consultation (a.k.a discovery meeting).

An all white kitchen with a navy blue island in Kirkland, Washington.

How to Hang Light Fixtures at the Best Height

Here’s another loaded question we get asked allll the time!

How high should you hang your light fixture? I wish I could give you a straight answer here, but again, there are so many factors at play!

…the ceiling height, the fixture location, the type of light + (believe it or not) the height of the people living there!

After all, no one wants to go *bump* in the middle of the night… at least not with their light fixtures. ;)

What You Should Know about Your Bulb Options

If you’ve ever searched for a new or replacement lightbulb, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by a ludicrous amount of bulb options - been there *deep sigh.*

But fast-forward a decade + we’ve got bulbs covered!

What? Yeah, we’re about to simplify the game for you. Your best bets?

Incandescent LEDs are energy-saving staples (especially when there's light filtering drum shade + you can’t see the lightbulb).

But round Edison bulbs (or bare-bulbs) are always a fun way to dress up a room whenever fixtures have exposed lightbulbs.

Whatever the style of your space + light fixture, we’ll make sure your light bulbs have got it going on. ;)

A bright white kitchen in a Redmond, Washington home with decor accessories on the granite countertops.

Best Sources for Finding Lighting You’ll Love

When it comes to sourcing lights for our clients’ homes, West Elm + Rejuvenation are two of our favorite go-to’s for style-makin’ fixtures… but honestly, we’ve got thousands of vendors we use + the sky is the limit!

With a well thought out light plan, we’ll curate several lighting fixtures for your space so you can choose the ones that have you freaking with excitement!

That’s it for now, but if you have some lighting challenges (or just want your home to look effing FABULOUS), we got you, babe!

— Sherri




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