YAY OR NAY? Which Renovations Raise Your Home Value

You know me, I could gush forever about having bedroom design that whisks us to paradise from our first foot in the door. But I also know that renovating + redesigning a home is about much more than how you feel in it… it’s also about value.

For most of us, a home is our biggest investment. We want it to tell our love story and be our biggest guilty pleasure but we also want it to maintain + grow our ROI.  

Sigh… adulting is hard!

That’s why when John + I design our clients’ homes, we always, always keep the home’s value in mind. Which got me thinking, if you want your home’s value to keep on flourishing, you’re probably wondering what you should and shouldn’t renovate, right?

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4 Ways to Raise Your Home’s Value

There are the renovations that make our hearts go pitter-patter and there are the renovations that make logical sense for your raising the roof in terms of increasing your home’s value. Put these two together + that’s a match made in design heaven! (I see you, dreamy ROI!)

So, in general, what type of renovations will help raise your home’s value? Here are four big ones for ya, babe…

1. Fix Visible Structural Problems

If there are any structural problems, inside or out, these are the first to be addressed. Think leaky faucet, squeaky or scratched up floors, dull+ peeling paint…

By fixing these problem areas you’re not only improving the perceived value of your home but it actually boosts the property’s actual value. Win-win!

When we design your home, we’ll be open with you from the start about any structural work that you should consider conquering. Trust me, it’s worth it!

2. Add More Space

Any renovation that adds space to your home is going to help raise its value. This could mean adding visual space (open concept floor plans, where have you been all my life?) or actual physical space, such as finishing up the basement or converting the attic to include an additional bedroom or bathroom. 

Home appraisers love more space… but I bet you do, too. And this my friend is something we’ll definitely chat about during our initial phone pow-wow.

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3. Improve the Function

Improving the overall function of your home is another big win for property value… (+ for you!) Don’t we all want a humble abode that spoils us silly? Yes. Yes, we do.

The two big renovations that come to mind are 1) open concept floor plans + 2) storage space. It’s no secret, pretty much everyone + their dog wants more storage!

As professional organizers and interior designers, it’s safe to say we’ve got this one in the bag for you. ;) 

4. Remove Any Age-Revealing Traits or Trends

Every house comes with spoiler alerts that tell us in which decade the home was built, and no surprise, exactly how old it is. Womp, womp. 

Even if you’re living in a historic home, you probably don’t want Memory Lane as your permanent address. If your living room decor includes popcorn ceilings + crazy colors, or you have glass block shower walls and Hollywood bathroom lights, these could be your best items to update.

Like I said, we’ve seen it alllll + as your home renovation loving gal-pal, I’m able to tell you exactly which parts of your home should be preserved with care + which areas need a spa day of their own... all you have to do is ask.

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There you have it. That’s it, the big four! So what do you think? Do these improvements align with some of the renovations you’ve been considering lately? Do you still wish you could get a professional’s opinion before taking the next big step?

If so, we’ve got you, babe. Book a phone pow-wow with us + you’ve got yourself a design BFF. ;)

— Sherri




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