How A Professional Organizer Can Help You

White kitchen with designer kitchen range and storage shelves.

Have you ever gone to the store expecting to buy one or two things, only to find yourself walking back to the car with everything but the kitchen sink in tow? 

As innocent as a shopping list of laundry detergent + toothpaste might seem... 

According to Business Insider, there’s a few sneaky tactics when it comes to retailers + Target specifically, has a way of getting customers to buy more than intended — an experience so common, the internet has called it " the Target Effect." 

In fact, I’ve been reading a lot about why we want things that we don’t really need and I came across this philosopher Denis Diderot. Ever heard of the Diderot Effect?

If not, let me be the first to ensure you, I’m not giving a history lesson here *wink* but when I discovered this, something clicked. Like magic, I thought to myself this couldn’t be anymore relevant to getting organized + how as Americans we accumulate So. Much. Stuff! 

The Diderot Effect explains that “obtaining a new possession often creates a spiral of consumption which leads you to acquire more new things. As a result, we end up buying things that our previous selves never needed to feel happy or fulfilled.”


Ever bought yoga pants on Amazon because they’re on sale and instead of hitting 1-click purchasing for checkout right away, you decided to add three different colors, a new top + upgrade your water bottle? Suddenly, 5 new things you didn’t have before are headed your way… but why not, the shipping’s was free because you have a Prime membership :)

Jokes aside! Filling your cart with extra stuff you don’t need isn’t where the Diderot Effect stops. To paraphrase, it says that everyday more things will make their way into our lives, so we need to understand exactly how to curate, eliminate + ultimately focus on the things that matter most to us.

Seriously?!?! You want to know how a professional organizer can help you? Read that sentence again. Everyday more things will make their way into our lives, so we need to understand exactly how to curate, eliminate + ultimately focus on the things that matter most to us.

Alright, let’s do this! 

Before we dive into how a professional organizer can help you, let’s take a peek at what a professional organizer is, what working with one looks like + who needs one.

Elegant Simplicity home organizer standing in a bedroom with a pillow.


So, this may sound basic but let’s actually establish what a professional organizer is. They’re someone skilled in decluttering + organizing physical or digital spaces in your home + life. 

They’ll assist you in making decisions with your most personal belongings. A professional organizer knows where to dispose or donate the belongings you no longer want should go. 

They set up organizing systems in your home around your routines so that you can easily maintain these systems to the best of your ability with less stress + time.

They’ll be your accountability coach, do maintenance check-ins with you, to ensure things are working or help you identify if something isn’t working + how to change it. 

Long story short, a professional organizer give you the confidence + mental clarity you need in order to be successful. 

Basically, we’re your new best friend (for life)!

Beverage Station in a coastal white kitchen with organized shelves.


Depending on exactly what you need help with, in terms of decluttering + organizing your home, your life + your mind... working with a professional organizer can vary quite a bit.

For the most part though, one thing’s for sure. The relationship that you develop with your organizer is incredibly personal. 

What do I mean, you ask? 

Well, the nature of sorting through years + years of accumulated clutter, identifying exactly what items are important to you (vs. what isn’t), deciding what you’re willing to let go of (aka the process of purging) vs. what you absolutely want to keep. All of this is incredibly intimate + extremely personal.

But let’s be honest. The best professional organizers (like us - yeah, I just tooted my own horn *wink*) they don’t simply stop after the sorting phase. In fact, that my friend, that’s the bare bones part of our job + where the fun begins!

A thorough professional organizer works with you to help you dive in even deeper. To help you understand the underlying root cause of your clutter, where it all comes from + why you’re world feels so disorganized. 

Are the systems you currently have set up in your home not in line with your routines or habits? Do you have a place for everything you use daily? If you don’t, why not?



1 in 11 American households rent a self-storage space and spend over $1000 a year in rent.
— joshua becker


After ten years of helping clients organize their clutter, unclutter, declutter, create systems, identify routines, and all the rest of the works there are lots of reasons people need a professional organizer but there are two fairly common buckets that people tend to fall into:


The first is someone who’s fairly organized. They’re already equipped with the skills to get organized but want or need an accountability coach in order to help them see the project through. They’ve likely organized their home plenty on their own before but this time they’ve put it off over + over again + finally want it complete. 


The second are those who have tried to tidy up or get organized on their own but when the rubber meets the road, they don’t know where they should dig in first, how to get started or what to do next because there’s too much stuff. The domino effect of disorganization + clutter are so overwhelming intimidating. They know that no matter how badly they want to take back control of their lives they can’t tackle it on their own + need an expert to help them get organized (once + for all!)

Whatever the catalyst may be, a home organizer is brought into the equation to help when someone is tired of feeling helpless. They’re fed-up with the mess or not knowing where things belong. And typically, they’re frustrated with trying things that don’t work, emotionally drained + at their wits-end.

You know, the crazy thing about clutter is that it happens to all of us. 

While many of our clients are ridiculously talented + extremely successful in their professional careers, when it comes to taming their clutter they’re exhausted by the mere thought of tackling it alone.

Whether they’re merging households, dividing households, welcoming a special someone into their humble abode, or even learning how to adjust or transitioning into an empty nester lifestyle the struggle is real. 

Whatever the case, a professional organizer is your beau. Your kindred spirit. Your knight in shining armour. Whatever you want to call it, they’re going to put you at ease + help you overcome - feeling stuck!

A disorganized workspace with earrings, paper, books, office supplies and a keyboard.


Allas, so you’re still wondering how a professional organizer can help you? 

As you work together, they’ll ask you a ton of questions to help you connect the dots in terms of patterns + identify what you should keep vs. what you should consider getting rid of (and why!) As your home organizer, we don’t take the liberty of telling you what to do with your belongings. In fact, our ultimate goal is to walk you through the process and assist you in making those decisions yourself. As your clutter confidant, we’re with you every step of the way however we work ‘with’ you not ‘for’ you because we’re teaching you a lifelong skill, not doing it for you.  

And since we are often helping clients decide what to keep vs. what to get rid of, we’re often hear questions like:

  • How do I know if I should throw something away or donate it?

  • Where is the best place (or places) to donate things?

  • Is it ok to try + sell some of these things?

  • Should I ask family if they want anything first?

So, if identifying what to remove is decluttering. Then when does the organizing actually begin? 

As a home organizer, understanding how you or your family wants (or needs) to function throughout different areas of your home is paramount. Once there’s clarity + clear direction of your desire us of a space, then we can set it up with everything you need… and yes, make it “pretty functional.” 

You might be thinking, “Wow. I didn’t know organizing my home, my linen closet or my pantry could be so introspective.” And you’re correct, a lot of our clients are blown away by the detail that goes into organizing your home. 

As was Evan Thompson from the Everett Herald, who was amazed by our soul-searching self-reflective process that he discovered while interviewing us for an article

As your organizational expert (ok, let’s be real your new bff), we’re looking at your everyday routines + helping to design an organizing system that you can maintain with as little inconvenience as possible.

But as you might imagine, to truly get organized  once + for all -- you have to be a part of the process. (a.k.a. an active participant) While there are some personal organizers who’ll hop in + do everything while you’re on a hot-date, working your 9-5 or napping, that not us! 

Realizing that we’re e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y good at what we do, (and because I’m a straight-shooter who calls it like I see it) this approach inadvertently does more harm than good because instead of creating a forever fix, all it provides is a temporary band-aid that covers up root-cause of your clutter. 

On our side of the fence however; We believe in a high level hands-on-organizing. 

In other words, by working alongside one another, we help to identify + manage any emotional triggers while giving you the opportunity to better understand the lessons behind our bulletproof process. Our philosophy + hands-on approach to organizing ensures 1) you’ll not only have the best experience but that 2) you develop the habits needed to stay organized because it makes sense! 

Sherri and Christy, organizing and decluttering experts sitting in a living room.


Honestly, while I wish this wasn’t the case -- it’s a harsh reality. Some people drag their feet or in many cases deprioritize their need to get organized + never hire an organizer because they 

Feel embarrassed because they can’t do it on their own or even fear that a personal organizer will force them to get rid of everything they own, cherish + love. But sis, I’m going to be real with you. Like brutally honest, real!

 Who doesn’t have clutter? And that’s coming from a professional organizer, boo.

If this is you, (feeling all embarrassed ‘cuz you can’t do it on your own or thinking that an organizer will force you to get rid of everything) what I want you to know is that there’s no need for an apology. 

If this is the way you feel, girl -- it’s 100% a-okay with me, because hiring someone to come into your home. Asking a stranger to sort through your stuff with you. Through years of your life (vulnerable memories + all) is downright scary.

But there’s a far less-intimidating side to this story, so give me a chance to shed some light on it. What I also need you to hear is that you, the things you hold dearest to your heart (no matter how much of it there is), and the way you feel about getting organized is safe with me.

As your organizer, we’ll be your accountability coach + we’ll not only help you get to where you want to go but we also promise to be supportive, non-judgmental, shower praise when you’re deserving (because the sheer act of booking a clarity call is praise worthy) + love on you like the star that you are!

An organizer holding a clipboard and pen.


Before jumping feet first into exploring your options + finding an organizing expert, I highly encourage you to have a heart-to-heart convo. with yourself  to identify which areas of your home you need help with. Idk say things like... your pantry, the never ending piles of papers + mail office, your laundry room, who knows what’s living out in the garage, clothes, shoes, the hall closet, reusable bags etc. By doing this. By taking the time to get clear on some of the major areas you need help organizing, you can approach your organizer with certainty about your end goal. 

 And if it’s all too overwhelming + you’re feeling completely stuck or don’t even know where to begin that’s ok too. It’s our job to help you figure it out!

Even better news...if you’re reading this welp, that means you’ve already got a professional organizer on your team *wink* + without question we’re committed to helping you create a home the looks great. A home that works well. A home you never want to leave.

Take it from our clients themselves (if you haven’t already heard the buzz) we always encourage you to read our reviews (google, yelp, houzz, facebook) so you know exactly what working with us is all about. 

And because we really care about you, here’s a quick list of questions to get your brain moving in the right direction + that you can ask us during our Free Clarity Call to ensure we’re a perfect match.


  • How long have you been working in the organizing industry?

  • What types of services do you offer? 

  • Are there areas or specific types of people you specialize in? 

  • What does your process for helping clients achieve their goals look like? 

  • Could you describe what a typical organizing session looks like?

  • Will I work directly with you or your team? 

  • What are the costs associated with your services? 

  • Do you work with a written agreement? 

  • What is your cancellation policy? 

  • I have tried to get organized before but I don’t know how will this be different?



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