Starting essentially from scratch, we’ve been working with Elegant Simplicity for the past 3 months to redesign our home. Sherri and John have been amazing throughout this process. They helped us break down the process into manageable chunks, and develop our own design-style sense (since we felt fairly intimidated by the whole thing.) They really, really care about you as a client, and are never trying to push any particular product, style, or look. Their philosophy is that design should be accessible to anyone, on any budget, and it really shows in their process and who they are as people. Highly recommended! >> read review



Bottom line: you need Sherri and John in your life. They’re organized, professional, responsive, and kind. They do not impose any particular style on you; they listen to your preferences and work with you to create a vision and make it reality. Sherri helped me narrow down and focus my design decisions into a cohesive look. They figured out all the nitty gritty details and anticipated issues so I didn't have to. They sourced and liaised with the contractor (who was excellent) and it was about as worry-free of a project as I could have asked for! >> read review



Sherri is amazing! Her personality immediately put me at ease. She is so patient and empathetic. I was so scared that she would want me to get rid of everything, but she actually encouraged me to keep things when I was feeling torn or anxious. I swear she's part organizer, part therapist. She figures out why you have so much stuff and helps you comfortably reduce it to a manageable amount. Turns out I don't actually need 15 pairs of flip flops, I just kept losing them and buying more.  >> read review



We hired Sherri not knowing how brilliant she was. Her personality is warm, compassionate, and totally non-judgemental. This is so important because messiness can come with shame. She was so supportive in OUR vision of our home, and taught us the skills, tools, and systems needed to organize. I also want to note she genuinely wanted to get to know us as a whole person, not just getting things organized. >> read review



Sherri and Jon helped us with a massive remodel. From exterior siding choices, to tile, to kitchen layout, to interior finishes and furnishings...we couldn't have done it without them. I would recommend them without any reservation and am 100% confidant we will use them in the future. They are as good as it gets. >> read review

We worked with Sherri and John on our remodel and design and she was wonderful!  Our place is so much better with their help.  I would highly recommend them and would definitely use them again on future projects. >> read review



Christy was more than a de-clutter expert, she's therapy! She was able to approach my situation in a way that was caring and fun.  She wasn't just trying to help me "get rid" of stuff, but really had me look into why I felt the need to have X in the first place.  We'd talk it through, come up with a solution, and act on it.  Super cathartic. >> read review



John and Sherri have been fantastic to work with!  We completely redecorated our first floor and did a kitchen and master bath remodel.  The entire process was seamless and they were very hands on the entire time as if they were doing their own house.  Sherri was able to translate my ideas into reality.  She is very artistic and has a great design sense.  They are both so responsive and easy to work with.  We couldn't have done it without them! >> read review



Elegant Simplicity remodeled out kitchen and two bathrooms.  They opened up a pretty closed off kitchen into the highlight of our home - Sherri and John did really great work.  They worked with us on the design and continued to refine it to be just what we needed.  The usual mishaps which always seem to occur during a remodel were easily handled.

We really love our house.  We bought it knowing we'd want to have it remodeled and what we have now is just right. >> read review



We recently remodeled our kitchen and John and Sherri helped us through the entire process!  Sherri is very creative and designed my dream kitchen and John was there to help ensure the construction process was seamless - not an easy task given all the "moving parts" (electrical, plumbing, tile, countertops, etc.).  They are both delightful to work with and we will be using them for future remodel projects! >> read review



Sherri and Christy are absolutely fabulous.  They answered my call and came to my rescue.  They helped to determine my organization needs and create a realistic system and created the ultimate man cave. I really enjoyed working with them both and our home is now clutter free.  Looking forward to the interior design project next. >> read review



Sherri worked closely with me on my requirements for furnishing my apartment - even though I'm not an ideal client (I work weird hours and didn't have that great an idea of what I wanted) she always kept a positive attitude and moved forward on the project. Recommended! >> read review



If you're worried that your home is "too" unorganized, don't let that keep you from calling her. It's her job! I've worked with Sherri for both organizing and home design. Like everyone has written, I clicked with Sherri immediately. She has great ideas about home decorating and furniture layout. She was at my place for about 5 minutes before all the great ideas started coming out.  We made shopping lists, took measurements, and taped where everything would go. It was nice to have someone to do that with and  brainstorm ideas together. >> read review



I'm an avid HGTV watcher and have always dreamed of having a house looking like a professional did it. What I love about Sherri, even more than her positive energy and creative genius, her flexibility with what you need and how and when you get there, is that she isn't afraid to share her insight and educate you on why she does what she does. She involves you in her thinking process and teaches you the reasons for the conclusions she comes to and possibilities for things you may not have thought of. >> read review



Sherri has a serious eye for organizing. She can quickly see through the dysfunction and put things in places that make WAY more sense. I learned that rooms don't have to be used the way we think they do. Room purposes can evolve to fit our lifestyles. She helped organize my entire kitchen, family room, hobby room, smaller spare bedroom, my dresser and walk-in closet in just 20 hours. >> read review



The thought of having to pick paint colors became too overwhelming, so we hired Sherri, and her husband, John… absolutely fantastic. They clearly have an eye for design. I was blown away by what we were able to accomplish in just an hour and a half. The way that Sherri explains the use of color made so much sense to me during the paint selection process. The document she created with our new paint colors will be extremely helpful to our painter. I was so impressed with Sherri that we have also hired her to help with the details of our kitchen remodel. The time and stress it has saved us is worth every penny. >> read review



Sherri is not just an extremely talented designer, but she also genuinely cares about her clients! Sherri has helped me through remodeling 2 bathrooms after some water damage in our house and I couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out. Even when the remodel hit the usual snags, Sherri always stepped up to the plate to fix things and make sure that we're not compromising on quality. I'm getting lots of compliments on the bathrooms! I will definitely use Sherri's services again in any home remodel project I have. >> read review



If you're on the fence, jump off it and hire these ladies. You won't regret it. >> read review



Both Sherri and John were great to work with! They definitely keep focused, and the results are observed immediately.  They helped me in every organizational area that I struggled with, especially with respect to kitchen organization, getting rid of unneeded items, and filing paperwork in my office.  I am very thankful I had hired them because in the past when I tried doing it myself, I simply got overwhelmed and nothing was getting done. >> read review



It's been over a year since our first meeting and I'm so pleased with the results. My home is more pleasant looking of course, but the real benefit is the time and stress I save EVERYDAY. I'd absolutely recommend hiring Elegant Simplicity! >> read review



There are those moments that you really can be floored by someone's ability. When I walked into my apartment I was blown away by the transformation. Making my small space more functional on a practical level, they also managed to add specific details that fit so perfectly. My apartment was truly tailored to my life (and the only way a designer can manage that is to really truly listen when you speak with them...and caring enough to want to listen.) >> read review



Sherri did a spectacular job helping me get settled into my space quickly.  Her organization skills are intuitive, efficient and practical and she adds a flair of beauty to even the most simple organization project. Her ability to capture me and where I wanted to go with my space in the design was brilliant. >> read review



I hired Sherri to help me organize my kitchen last year.  She was amazing!!  We spent an entire day cleaning out, organizing and building systems that would work for me.  I had NO idea how many things I had collected.  Within one day we had reorganized every cabinet, drawer and space in my kitchen.  A year later, it's still organized and all of her systems have worked flawlessly.  Sherri is an absolute professional and was a pleasure to work with.  I wouldn't hesitate in hiring her again! >> read review



I met Sherri and knew immediately that she was a great fit for me. Sherri is super professional, organized (obviously) and efficient! I never felt like she took advantage of our time or pushed me to buy expensive organizing tools, supplies, etc. As a incredibly scattered, ADD Mom, having Sherri there to help me organize my house, was remarkably therapeutic. We went room by room and every time I put a garbage bag outside the door to go to the dump, I felt a weight off my shoulders. >> read review


The actual organizing process was a blast - and as someone with an incredibly short attention span, I couldn't have kept at it if it wasn't as fun or satisfying. And by the end, most of my problem areas had been addressed in very practical-to-me ways, and we created an action plan to maintain the space and continue the process on my own in several other areas - some of which I've already tackled because the process was so positive. My space is beautiful and functional now, and I couldn't have done it without these two ladies. >> read review



I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to unpack into our new home while working full time with a baby at home.  I knew I had a lot of stuff I needed to purge, but hadn't been able to take the time to tackle it.  Sherri was able to help me make decisions about what I wanted to keep and what I was ready to let go of, as well as creating order out of chaos with what was left.  Our house has some serious storage limitations and Sherri was able to find creative ways to optimize what little space we have. >> read review

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My experience with Sherri and Elegant Simplicity interiors has been absolutely fantastic! Thus far, Sherri has helped me not only get my house organized but stay organized. I've learned how to better manage the flow of "stuff" both in and out of my house. Not only has it helped our family be more on top of our to-dos, but it has also helped create a better piece of mind. I can literally keep every door to my house open when guests are over! I also located almost $3000 worth of gift cards, checks, and reimbursements! >> read review


May S.

There's not much to say other than Sherri is just wonderful at her craft. She was able to work with us on our new house, which was essentially a blank slate, and turned it into what we now call a home. She did a fabulous job at truly understanding us in order to create a design vision that is a great representation of who we are. We can entertain for years to come on the exceptional dining table she found us! And talk about great customer service end to end, with Sherri and John personally delivering, assembling and perfectly placing the table in our home. Can't wait to work on more projects with this team! >> read review



I loved working with Sherri. She helped me organize my pantry and laundry room, which was instrumental in figuring out what kind of shelving I needed. After I had the shelving installed, I used Sherri's organization methods and the system she'd already set up for me to maximize my space and minimize clutter. I will hire her again when we redo our garage. >> read review