Things to Know about CREATING a Savvy Interior Design Budget

from our    Camano Island    project

from our Camano Island project

One of the biggest misconceptions between design on TV + in real life is... budget. (Did you guess it?)

I briefly touched on the differences in this post, but this week, I'm going to swan dive into what an interior design budget actually looks like. You ready?

What is an Interior Design Budget?

Many people confuse "budget" with "investment." Your investment is that number you feel all good + comfy spending on your project. Your budget is an itemized breakdown of what your dollars will be doing... + we want them to work as hard as possible for you!

Which Factors Impact Your Interior Design Budget?

Your budget is influenced by MANY factors. Even your neighborhood could play a role if there are codes + aesthetics you have to stick to. Here's a quick list of some nuances at work:

scope of the work to be done

• your project's desired (+ feasible) timeline

• how much you have to invest + whether your project needs phases

• the furnishings + finishes you want

labor + materials costs

• and more

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How Does Elegant Simplicity Help You Create Your Project's Budget?

Believe it or not, John + I have been around the block a few times. ;)

We know what's possible, roughly what products + services will cost, and we always get estimates for you well in advance of your project starting.

Refining your budget with you is part of Step 2 in our design process… so put your weary mind at peace, sister, and let us savvy pros help you get the most bang for your buck.

from our    Redmond Remodel

How Can You Prepare for Our Budget Conversation?


Create a Wishlist

During our clarity call (better known as our ahhh-mazing initial phone pow-wow), we'll get to know each other.

Our next step, the in-home consultation, is when we'll skip through your home together while you tell us your big, dazzling dreams — your needs, wants, and when-you-wish-upon-a-star.

For example… Need a space to unwind after the day's work? Want a designated spot for brewing coffee, boiling tea, or chilling bubbly? Dreaming of marble in the bathroom?

We wanna hear it all!

Get Decision-Makers on the Same Page

If you think you absolutely *need* an in-home library, but hubby *needs* an in-home gym... well, may the best (wo)man win! ;)

Just kidding… I love cutesy couples banter as much as the next girl, but when you're paying for our time together, you probably want it to be as productive as possible.

Which is why we suggest getting all the decision-makers on the same page with the needs, wants + star-wishes.

Research Some Costs in Advance

Because of reality TV shows, our perceptions of reasonable prices can get very skewed.

A great tip I always give to clients who feel in the dark about budgeting is to look at the items on your "need" list + Google the current going rate.

Plus, if you haven't invested in a high-quality sofa in 10 years (first, lucky you that your previous sofa lasted 10 years!), you might be surprised to see today's price tags.

from our    Redmond Remodel

A little knowledge (power, baby) and these easy preparation tips will set you up for your most productive budget conversation… and most rewarding design project.

Of course, we might not be able to get you everything on your wishlist (#reallifeprobs), but you can be sure that if it can be done, it will be.

If you’d like our help crunching numbers, coordinating the details of your next wow-mazing remodel or selecting some of that yummy jealousy-inducing eye candy… lets team up + we’ll kick things off on the right foot!

You deserve it, boo.

And if you haven’t already, go on… take a peek around our website, why dontcha!

Make sure to check out the services we’re so excited to offer, view our portfolio + don’t forget to like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the fun stuff happening around here.

Alright, it’s PARTY TIME!

— Sherri




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