9 Bedroom Essentials To Woo + Wow Your Guests

A white guest bed with navy blue accent pillows, a throw planket and a round tray.

Can you remember the best experience you ever had as someone’s guest? Was it the coziness factor of your bedroom? Were you made to feel extra welcome + loved? Maybe all of the above??

If you ask me, the secret to loving on your guests lies in small touches that are big on thoughtfulness!

Ready to whip up a relaxing yet happy-dancing space for your next visitors? Then follow me, sister...

9. Launder Your Soft Goods

This might seem like an obvious one, but most of us have our clean sheets hanging out in a storage cupboard or already lounging on our guest bed. BUT… Who doesn't love to sleep on a cloud of freshly laundered sheets? Or a pillowcase the Snuggle bear would envy? We all love that straight outta the dryer feeling, so I say let’s make good use of it!

Give sheets, blankets, and pillowcases a friendly wash + fluff right before your guests arrive. Your very special people will smell + feel the difference... and be extra relaxed because of it. ;)


8. Keep Pillows Simple + Comfortable

When it comes to styling a guest bed, simplicity is your friend. Skip the tower of decorative pillows + opt for comfortable sleeping options with one or two decorative pillows for a little splash of personality.

I also suggest having a designated place for any decorative pillows to rest while guests are sleeping, otherwise they’ll end up sad + alone on the floor… and we want our pillows to be happy + loved!

A round tray with plants and a book on a white guest bed.

7. Give Guests the Gift of a Good Book

You know that "curled up with a good book" feeling? Now imagine yourself curled up with a good book ON VACATION. That last part changes things a bit, doesn’t it? ;)

While I can’t put my finger on it, there’s just something about reading while on vacation that makes me giddy + tingly all over. Add that to the thrill of browsing someone else’s book collection + I can barely keep my heart under control over here!

Great options: a juicy bestseller (or two or three), a few of your personal favorite reads, local guidebooks + magazines, or even a witty coffee table book, because who doesn’t love a laugh?


6. Set up a Nightstand for Quiet Moments

...and why not give them the perfect, heart-soothing place to read while you’re at it?

A nightstand is an easy way to give your guests a little storage space, a place to set their books or electronics + a lamp for their quiet, relaxing moments before bed. Ahh….

5. Ability to Unpack Their Suitcases

You can feel the difference between living out of your suitcase for a few days versus being able to really unpack your bags, hang your clothes + feel settled.

Storage space might not be a small touch, but it is important for guests’ comfort and peace of mind. Give them access to drawers + a closet or two for maximum good vibes.

4. Brighten the Space with Flowers + Greenery

Looking for the easiest + simplest way to instantly brighten up your guests space? I got you, babe. Flowers or greenery. Yup, it’s that easy.

I suggest visiting a local florist, harvesting a bouquet from your own garden, or getting some good lookin’ faux foliage in there. You might just want to stay in the guest room yourself. ;)

A modern shower with a white bench, Carrara marble floors and luxe toiletries.

3. Spare Toiletry Stockpile

Even the most organized among us forget to pack things from time to time… (*cough*) Soothe any potential worries by having a toiletry stockpile on hand. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo (dry shampoo), conditioner, razors, deodorant + feminine products are basic but will bring OODLES of joy to those who need them!

2. Provide Snacks & Refreshments

Okay, real talk here. We all have that friend who—instead of telling you she's hungry or helping herself to the fridge—will pretend she’s fine until the growling stomach gives her away. Or maybe that sounds a bit like you. ;) #Politepeopleprobs

This of course is why I love to put a few simple snacks + refreshments in a guest room. Good options can include snack bars (keeping it local with Seattle’s Favorite!), dried fruit + nut mixes.

A white Carrara marble countertop with flowers and a piece of pie.

1. Go the Extra Mile with a Welcome Gift or Note

I’ll never forget the time a friend welcomed me with a gift basket of local products + a heartfelt welcome note. It was a small gesture that felt like a big, warm bear hug!

If you really want to go the extra mile, that’s one way to do it. Even a simple note + a bar of Seattle’s best chocolate or roasted coffee beans will do the trick. It’s all in the thoughtfulness.

Well, that’s a wrap! Feeling inspired? Ready to wow your guests, or maybe woo them over to your side of town? ;)

If you know you’ll need some decluttering or styling help before then, we would be delighted to help. Be sure to schedule a phone pow-wow with us before we fill up!

See you soon, my friend…





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