6 Ways to Organize Your Home

Do you have visions of a beautifully organized + clutter-free home + dream of the days when you no longer have to move piles of clutter to set something down?

Today though, I bet you find yourself balancing bags of groceries on the counter like a teetering Jenga-tower. Around every corner, the choices seem impossible.

You think to yourself (more than once):

Sound familiar? You beat yourself up because you should’ve fixed this yesterday. Toss in to that mix of emotions, that if feels like you need an entire army of professional organizers to get started.

But, for now… it’s you vs. the ever-growing mountain of clutter!

An organized desk with interior decor and accessories.

Realize that you’re not alone, as your home organizer lets dig in + show you how to get real-lasting organizing + decluttering results. You ready, boo?



Whether you’re organizing a closet, the kitchen pantry, or a single dresser drawer start by taking everything out. Yep...That’s right! All of it.

Then, think about how you actually use the space. Ask yourself,  “What do I really NEED in this drawer?” By changing your organizing game from “What should I get rid of?” to “What do I really need?”you’ll not only have a strong decluttering focus but you’ll stay on track to reach each of your organizing goals.

Pro Tip: leave room to grow!

In other words, don’t fill your shelves, your cabinets or your drawers plum full. Leaving breathing room will create the feeling of less clutter + allow you flexibility going forward. You know what happens at Costco!



The idea of organizing your entire home in one fell swoop sounds great – but truthfully, it’s unrealistic for most! Instead, think of organizing in small, bite-sized phases. For example, start in one room + focus on a single project in that room.

In other words, organize your kitchen cabinets one day + your pantry (or under the sink) the next. By choosing small manageable projects my friend, you’ll give yourself both the time + mental capacity to focus fully on each task.

The a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e best part?

You’ll see immediate progress without burning yourself out!



Grab two bags – one for trash + one for charity.

Then take a walk through your home, bagging up all the things you no longer:

  • want

  • need

  • or use

The best part? It only takes a few minutes + before you know it, you’ll see + feel huge progress!

Hardwood floors and white walls flood this home with natural light designed by Elegant Simplicity Interiors.


Nope, shoving clutter in a closet isn’t the solution. But… a simple set of bins or baskets can work wonders, turning a jumbled shelf of random items into an organized masterpiece.

Stacking baskets can also help you maximize vertical space + by investing in a labeler, you can easily create specific categories for each.



As interior designers, one tip I try to encourage clients to think about it when filling your bookshelves with interior decor, choose wisely + keep it simple.

Overcrowding will quickly create a cluttered + unwelcoming vibe. Choose what you genuinely want to showcase + nothing more. After all, your home is a way to tell your story without ever saying a word.



Chances are, you own a ton of things that only get used a few months out of the year.

Living in Seattle or the Pacific Northwest in general (oh, does it rain here!), I’m absolutely jealous of all of you who have a year round use for sunglasses + sandals. Nonetheless, think clothes + shoes, outdoor toys, camping gear + grilling gadgets etc.

Go ahead, grab your storage bins, totes + cute containers to help begin corralling everything that’s not being used. Now, find a designated place for these things to live while not being used whether it be in the garage, basement, storage closet, or under your bed.

Fast forward a few months, you’ll know exactly where to grab those fabulous Ray-Ban’s.

Pro Tip: maximizing garage organization in your home is one of the most underutilized organizing secrets.

If you’re like most people struggling to get everyday clutter under control, remember, the goal is to make progress.

With a healthy dose of home organizing, you’ll not only lower your stress levels – before you know it, your home will begin to feel like your very own guilty pleasure!

Don’t worry so much about achieving perfection – that’s what keeps most of us from even starting in the first place.

Go ahead, dive in with these 6 ways to organize your home + watch your clutter disappear!

p.s. need organizing help? I happen to know a pretty fabulous home organizer *wink* so go on babe, book a clarity call!

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