How Much is Clutter Costing You?

Does the more stuff we have make us happier? Everywhere I look marketing pushes the new this, the better that + the need to have more is continuously in-grained in our way of thinking.

Lets consider how much time, money + the amount of energy it takes to accumulate all of our fab-u-l-o-u-s belongings. When we actually look at clutter from this perspective, it's nearly impossible to ignore the cost clutter has on us vs. the benefits of being organized.  

Although we live in a 'see it before we believe it' it society, having (too much) actually takes away from our quality of life. So boo, let’s dive in + digest that maybe, less stuff is more.

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Constant Stress

Wasted time looking for things

Paying for extra storage


Buying duplicates for lost items

Late fees on bills + taxes

Lost tickets + gift certificates

Missed opportunities

Family tension


Throw your hand in the air if you’ve ever cleaned the house before the girls came over for game night? That unsettling stress, embarrassed by what your home typically looks like vs. what you’d like your girlfriends to think it always looks like. (psst… been there sista!)

You’re actually feeling the negative affects of clutter as it drains your energy, fills your tank with anxiety, embarrassment + oh yeah, more todo. Want the fix in 1-on-1 organizing sessions?

wasted time

So, we’ve talked about how clutter drains us of our energy + adds stress to our lives but don’t skip over how productive you could have been but instead were tidying up the whole house. Decluttering by stuffing things wherever you could find a place.

Not to mention, the lost time you never gain back when you’re searching everyday for the keys, your purse or your iPhone only to find that it’s been sitting right under your nose the whole time. The problem? When we are surrounded by clutter we waste time + energy looking for necessities. We begin to adopt a get on with life mindset to our homes simply because we’re tired.


Think about the pantry for a moment. A lot of us dread shopping for groceries because of the time it takes to plan meals, organize a list of the things we need, shop, unpack + then put them away. Add to that list the headache when you realize that you purchased a bunch of things you already had (but couldn’t see) + you forgot the coupon for $2 off your favorite yogurt. So, the cost of clutter is really adding up + who doesn’t like a discount :)


Obviously, purchasing things we already have because we’re disorganized at home can add up quickly but what about the opportunities we miss out on because we don’t have a system to keep the clutter at bay?

Could we have sat down with our kids before ladies night + read a book? Or could we have easily planned + shopped for healthy meals for our little brady bunch with an organized kitchen?

When clutter + disorganization are rearing their ugly heads in our lives, might we just be missing out on the life we dream of?


Better energy + mental clarity

More time + space

Higher self-esteem

Money savings

Increased productivity + efficiency

Freedom to pursue your goals

Household harmony

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Having an organized home can give you better energy as you’re not wasting time or dealing with unnecessary stress rumbling through the house looking for those darn keys or the little tyke’s snack container. (Been there, done that!)

Increased Productivity + Efficiency

Simply knowing where things are not only eliminates the anxiety + struggle of finding them but also makes you more productive, efficient + life a whole lot easier. With so much to do + what feels like less-and-less time in the day, who wouldn’t want to stress less, get more done + be happier while doing it?


Our homes tell our story + they speak to what is important to us. When your home is organized + clutter free you’ll want to spend your time there. You’ll want to have family + friends over. It’s hard to be inspired, motivated + be the best versions of yourself with clutter everywhere because our minds are distracted + our stress levels are increased.

Starting today, I'm challenging you to adopt the concept of "living with purpose." Move from buying more things + unconsciously choosing to ignore the clutter in your home to being motivated to action.

Action that results in a more organized home + a better you… that is something I think we all want. Need help?