3 Simple Habits to Keeping Your Life Clutter Free

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Everyday we’re pulled in a million different directions, as more + more t-h-i-n-g-s make their way into our lives.

Things that fill our homes, that get put on our calendars + weigh on our minds, until eventually, all of this 'stuff' begins to add up. It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed. Life. Is. Seriously. Non. Stop.

#TruthBomb: this is just about everyday for me.

Somewhere along the way, our priorities get derailed. It becomes hard to see the forest through the trees. The life we envision… of coming home at the end of a long + exhausting day to a beautifully organized place gets lost in translation.

Raise your hand if you’re feeling me friend?

Keeping our thoughts, let alone our home clutter in order feels like an endless uphill battle. One that we pretty consistently lose.

Then out of nowhere, guilt rears its head because while it seems that everyone has their -ish together... as your eyes pan across your home, it looks like a 3-year olds playroom.

No judgement! We all slip a little into that self-criticizing vacuum every now + again.

But, lucky you...

With a bit of self-reflection, I’ve uncovered 3 Simple Habits to Keeping Your Life Clutter-Free + they just might help you from criticizing yourself so much too ;)

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Don’t try to tackle every area of your home clutter exists in all at once. When we do this -- try to bite off more than we can chew, we’re inviting what I like to call, the crazy cycle, into our lives. Guaranteed.

With diluted focus, all we get is overwhelmed. Declutter a little bit here + organize a bit over there until eventually, we lose steam or get distracted because the mess is too much to handle.

Been there. Done that, babe.

With everything jumbled together, our minds can’t help but bounce from one chaotic mess to another + we struggle to find any resemblance of direction.

Instead, the secret sauce to making sense of all the madness is to Keep. It. Simple.

Start in one room (or maybe even one specific area of a particular room.) Remove any clutter that doesn’t belong. At first, it’ll feel like you’re just moving the clutter from one area to another but remind yourself that our focus is where we are, right now + we’ll eventually be focused on those areas later.

Right now, we’re only tackling (insert: kitchen pantry, office filing cabinet, garage, linen closet, etc.)

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If you stick around these parts long enough you’re going to hear me say (almost like a broken record):

Everything that is successful in life is systematized.

I can’t begin to tell you how impactful this mindset can be in removing stress, guilt or judgement that can often come along with the process of getting organized.

What you need in order to be successful at removing clutter in your home - is a plan.

And if you’re like most people struggling to get organized, who need help prioritizing tasks + figuring out where to dig in first, we’ve got you covered. Psst… I know a gal who can make your crazy dreams a reality.

In order to develop a rock-solid game-plan, one that works for the way you + your family live…

Start by evaluating your routines + how you use different areas of your home.

Do you fold clothes in the living room?

Are you dropping the stack of mail on the kitchen counter?

Does the bag of recyclables get stranded by the back door instead of making its way out to the recycling bin that is located in the far corner of your garage?


When we better understand our daily habits, it helps us to create systems that’ll keep our homes clutter free. Knowing how you want to live within the walls of your home is key.

Developing systems, maximizing space that conform to you + the way you live is what organizing your home organizing your life + getting rid of clutter is all about.

With an understanding of the way you currently are doing things + then focusing in on what you need, we’re able to bridge the gap between your biggest most dreamy desire for a clutter free home + your habits. #BoomGirl

A paper day planner, a journal and sunglasses.


The third habit to keeping your life clutter free + getting your home organized is discipline.

Huh? Really?

What we teach our clients during our 1-on-1 home organizing sessions is that no matter how simple we make a system...

Organizing systems won’t maintain themselves!

No matter what, even if it’s been built 100% around you + caters entirely to your daily flow.

There’s a little muscle inside of you babe (don’t worry the long + lean kind) that we’ve got to train.

The good news is, this is a judgement free zone so grab a spoon + devour a bowl of ice cream while you do it.

Discipline is an act that maintains a desire for what you want -- which is an organized home + a clutter free life. So the moral of the story, is that in order to have your cake + eat it all day everyday, developing a routine that is easy to maintain is paramount.

Well, the secrets are out! What do you think of em?

These 3 simple habits will make keeping your life clutter free + your home organized feel a bit more magical.

P.S. If you need an extra nudge to help you get off the procrastination bandwagon this post is filled with lots of other great tips.



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