How to Discover Your Interior Design Style

Soft grey walls with white trim in a neutral living room with natural wood accent tables.

When it comes to your home, you don't want it to look like Jane-down-the-street's. And if it's designed for you, it won't!

After all, a home is a reflection of the people who live in them, your style, your memories, pieces from your travels + experiences… which means, asking yourself what your dreamiest, guiltiest pleasure home would look like, can rarely be described with one word, like "modern” or “traditional.” 

So. If you’ve ever wondered what a home that’s 100% YOU would look like, today’s the day, sister! I'm going to help you discover your design preferences for yourself + show how we'll use that knowledge to take your space to it’s most You.

Step 1. How to Get Design Inspiration for Your Own Home

I bet you saw this one coming, but there's a reason Pinterest + Instagram are so popular... we all love inspiration!

The best exercise (work. it. out.) in discovering your ideal aesthetic is to Pin, Google, or even clip magazine photos to your heart's content! But before you close this blog post + click on over to Pinterest, hear me this: don't think about the reason behind WHY you’re pinning something!

This is a gut instinct thing, sister, + your inner awesome will come out to play if you let it. So pin, pin, pin without a second thought… then move on to Step numero two.

Fabric swatches on the table of an interior designer.

2. How to Find Your Design Themes

Success? Got some fabulous Pinterest boards gazing loveingly at you from your screen? Or real life vision boards winking at you from your desk? *Fist bump.*

Okay, NOW you can go through your selections + look for themes. Is there more of one color or palette than another in the bedrooms you selected? The kitchens? Do you see any consistencies in window treatments, furnishings, metals versus woods, clean lines versus curves?

Take some notes about what you discover (+ love), or, if you're working with John + me, you'll give your boards to us, and we'll use our savvy designers’ eyes to pick out the themes that speak most to you.

Note: If you're having trouble identifying exactly what you like about the spaces you picked, it's just as helpful to make a list of what you DON'T like. As professional-dot-connectors, we'll take your insight, combine it with what we see in your favorite spaces + create a design that'll rock your world.

A woman and toddler in a living room.

3. How to Make Interior Design Unique to You

Remember when I said that your home isn't just "modern" or "traditional" but a combination of all the things that make you, well, you? This is exactly where a professional has your back, babe. We'll use the design details you love, any well-loved items you already have, and layers of you + your family's personality to create your one-of-a-kind, damn dreamy home.

Better yet, that home is going to WORK for you. Because we're all about function meets productivity over here. Need a short + clear path to your Keurig in the AM? We got you. Need a bathroom that's going to pamper you and help you feel organized and clear-headed? Check and check.

This thing called #adulting can get reeeeeal crazy, but with a home that works for your lifestyle + a design that gives you those happy tingles, maybe, just maybe, we're all gonna be okay. ;)

A white desk with office decor and an upholstered chair.

So, are you ready to brew up some spiced tea, pull up Pinterest + go get exploring? I'm practically having heart palpitations over here, I'm so excited for you! Zinging with excitement, I can’t wait for you to see what your home could truly look like + how it can change. your. life.

What are you waiting for, sister?!

 — Sherri




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