The Emotional Impact Of Color In Your Home

Have you ever walked into a breezy blue + white bathroom and felt instantly zen? Or got alllll the warmest + fuzziest fuzzies from a dark, dreamy fireplace?

If so, you've felt the power of color at work!

It's no secret, we're all about fresh + life-giving spaces over here... and today I'm sharing color's role in bringing that good stuff to you.

Why is Color Important in Your Home?

Color psychology is a real thing, sister. The right hues can whisk you to your happy place, stir up lively conversation in the family room, or heat things up... elsewhere. ;)

Maybe you’ve searched interior house colors on Pinterest or google before but most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the effects of color in our homes. We simply head to the paint or furniture store + select whatever color we fall head over heels for in the moment.

However, if you know how you want to feel in each of the spaces in your home, guess what? We can use design + color to intentionally inspire those feelings!

What a motivating home office where you can be productive? Desire a living room that stimulates conversation where connection is the focal point? Each of these + so much more are accomplishable by understanding how to choose + use color in your home.

And that, my friend, is transforms your home + daily life into the can't-put-it-down love story you want it to be. Amen.

How To Explore Color Preferences?

John + I get giddy about finding the perfect colors to wine + dine you in your own space, but you can certainly explore interior house color ideas on your own before we meet.

Here are some great ways to discover which color tones set your soul on fire for your next interior design project... 

  • Since the Pacific Northwest is so darn beautiful, go for a nature walk at the Seattle Arboretum or Dunn Gardens. Take notice to which colors bring you peace or draw you in for a closer look?

  • Searching on Pinterest is another way to get a start. Try searching something like interior house color schemes + then pin to your heart's content — but don't overthink it — and then we can look back over your board for patterns during our color consult!)

  • Flip through your favorite home magazine and take note of the hues that speak to you… then lovingly save your favorite pages.

Remember, color doesn't have to be bright, bold + saturated. It can be subtle too... and there are no wrong answers! You like what you like.

How To Confidently Select Colors for Your Space?

It's great to know which interior color palettes make magic for you, but rest easy because we’ve got your back! We’ll help you refine your ideas + inklings into a too-good-to-be-true design for your home.

Here's our approach to helping you apply color psychology...

1. How Do You Want to Feel?

First up, how do you want to feel in your space? Relaxed? Restored? Inspired? A combination? I hear ya, babe. ;)  This is part of the good stuff we'll discuss in our initial phone pow-wow!

  • Do you want a kitchen that feels energized, lively + appetizing?

  • A living room that exudes calmness + serenity?

  • Bedrooms that wow you upon entering but are the perfect place in your home to rest?

Whatever your desire’s are for your home, we want to begin with the end in mind.

2. Are We Working with Your Existing color Palette or Starting New?

Paint colors aren’t the only way we can introduce or update an interior house color. So, depending on the scope of your project (color consultation, styling, project coordination), we'll either update your existing palette with the right touches OR create an entirely new color scheme for you.

Either way, the interior of your home will be transformed!

3. How Can We Start Incorporating Color?

Feeling a little color cautious? Hold my hand, babe!

We don't have to “gung-ho it” with the brightest shades we can find. As I previously mentioned, we don’t even have to add color on the walls.

Knowing how much light is available in your home + what kinds of lights we can then think about home decor accents. A tasteful rug, throw blanket or pillow? Home decor accessories?

Just a little here and there can add personality, liven or subdue the energy or completely update the look + feel of your home? Now that's the good stuff. ;)

Whichever way you spin it, color can be for anyone + everyone. If you like it, it’s not right or wrong… it’s simply you. Few people see two colors alike.

Take my hand, boo, and let’s walk toward color confidence + harmony together.

Eager to answer all of your questions. Grab your calendar + let’s carve out a time for us to chat.

And if you haven’t already, go on… take a peek around our website, why dontcha!

Make sure to check out the services we’re so excited to offer, view our latest projects + don’t forget to like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the fun stuff happening around here.

— Sherri




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