3 Benefits of Organizing Your Kitchen + How-To Get Started

One of the things I enjoy most about being an interior designer + professional home organizer is designing spaces that not only look great but actually work well… for you! Creating systems + structure to maintain an organized home is all about your habits, your everyday routines + how you live in your home.

Where we are in our lives largely dictates how we use our home + ultimately what we need from it.

An Organized Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen #OrganizingRoadmap - www.elegantsi.com

1 . LeSS DUPLICATES + buying things you already own

Whether you’re a single woman living alone or married with kids, we’ve all at one point in our past bought doubles (or even triplets) of things because you couldn’t ever seem to find what you were looking for in the pantry or those darn kitchen cabinets that’ve mastered the game of hide-n-seek, ugggh.

By organizing the shelves in your kitchen pantry or defining specific activity zones based on the way you use your kitchen…say the cabinet space below the sink, you're less likely to waste money buying things you already own. Why? Because, you’re able to find what you need + use what you have. Long story short, if something is useful + there’s actually a place to store it… it’s no longer considered clutter.


When you know exactly where to find things when you need them…say the rubber paddle that goes to your kitchen-aid mixer or the like matching lid to your food storage containers , cooking is a lot more fun. It’s easier to identify which recipes you want to make + what you need to pull out to be the next professional chef :) But it’s not just the cooking thats fun… when you have an organized kitchen with a place for everything, the clean ups easier too.

3 . CLEAN-up gets EASIER

If you have a place for things like your keys, the mail + anything else you grab as you run out the door, your kitchen countertops will typically stay clear of clutter (which makes clean-up a breeze!) Wiping surfaces down every couple of days or after each meal becomes routine because it you’re not having to relocate piles in order to clean-up.

Likely, we’ve all searched high + low for a kitchen-gadget (think the mini spatula that someone bought you as a present + though you have no use for it, it’s so darn cute + you can’t seem to part with it) but of course when you need it… it’s nowhere to be found :)

`An Organized Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen #OrganizingRoadmap - www.elegantsi.com

how-to get started organizing your kitchen… right now?


  • Remove the Tupperware that no longer has matching lids… (or the lids that you can’t find the containers for)

  • Mismatched coffee mugs… unless that’s your style (then embrace it)

  • Utensils that you have multiples of…

  • Spices - whatever you haven't used for a year… remove.

  • Those appliances that you just had to have that are taking up precious counter space but barely seeing any run time.

After creating + setting up hundreds of functionally organized kitchens.. I know that not everyone should pull things out + purge. So if you use any of these items, don’t fret you should keep them, cherish them + use them more often. If not... then you don’t be afraid to let them go!

What to actually organize in your kitchen?

  • Identify what each kitchen cabinet or pantry shelf will be used for by clearing out the clutter + starting fresh.

  • Organize drawers with dividers so you can easily find utensils.

  • Adding liners to your drawers + shelves will create a pampered + luxurious look but will also be an absolute life saver when wiping them clean.

  • Create zones in your refrigerator for all the necessary food groups + especially ones for quick + easy healthy snacks.

  • If you have special dietary needs or simply enjoy a particular lifestyle like meal prepping: don’t be afraid to create a space that accommodates the things you need

An Organized Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen #OrganizingRoadmap - www.elegantsi.com

Organizing your kitchen, pantry or your cabinets is all about removing the items that don’t add value to your everyday life so we can make room for the things that do. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for how-to declutter your home. Creating systems + zones that pair well with easy to maintain routines is how you stay organized once + for all.

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