Hardwood floors that have been refinished in a downtown Seattle condominium.


remodels + renovations

We get it, when it comes to working with contractors + tradesmen on your home remodel, you're a little bit nervous about doing it alone. Feeling overwhelmed by the endless interior design + decorating decisions, unsure who to trust or where to begin not to mention making costly mistakes... Leave the nity-grity details to us.

Natural wood blocks and paint.

Using your #DesignDetails (from our hourly design service) as a guiding beacon to communicate every little itsy-bitsy detail, John + I will curate a team of reliable contractors, gather estimates, create a preliminary budget (labor + material costs) for you to review + get your project scheduled.

As your interior designer, once the construction phase of your project is underway, John + I will work with those contractors to ensure construction is being complete at your home in line with your #DesignDetails.

A custom queen bed with pull out drawers underneath for hidden storage.

From start-to-finish, think of your project coordinator as a human shield. We'll guide you through the entire process of remodeling your home while minimizing the risks + connecting you with our talented team of vendors + other industry professionals. Simply the best interior designer :)

In other words, we'll be taping into over a decade of experience as interior designers as well as our little black book of reliable trade-secrets so you can make confident + educated decisions... ensuring that every detail is a-b-s-o-lutely perfect!


Zinging with excitement + eager to get the ball rolling, grab your calendar, collect your thoughts + lets get better acquainted!


I'd LOVE to schedule a video chat to learn more about your project goals -- while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa!