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Getting Started | In-home Clutter Therapy #OrganizingRoadmap -

The best way to prepare for you Clutter Therapy session(s) is to eat a good meal. Make sure you dress comfortably. Be ready to sort + make decisions. Now take a deep breath, drink a tall glass of water (or a caramel-drizzle latte) + visualize what your home will feel like once it's completely organized:


What's it feel like knowing exactly where to put things because everything has a home?
How does it feel when you can open a closet without stuff falling on you?
How much better will it feel when you can find your missing things?

Getting Started | In-home Clutter Therapy #OrganizingRoadmap -


Charge Your Batteries: The process of getting organized can at times be draining both physically + emotionally which is why it's always best if you're well rested for our Clutter Therapy sessions. Whether you've booked a morning or an afternoon session, make sure you've recently eaten a well balanced meal + have a few healthy snacks on hand. This way, when you're feet hit the ground, you'll be ready to accomplish the tasks your heart so deeply desires.

Dress Casually: Since we'll be moving lots around + kicking up dust there's absolutely no need to impress us, dress in comfortable clothes that we can get down to business in. Something to think about is, if we'll be tackling your garage or basement, I'd suggest wearing something that you don't mind getting dirty...

Minimize Distractions: To maximize our time together eliminate as many outside distractions as possible (ex.  work, emails, calls or visitors etc.) While I absolutely looooove children, I've found that it can be some-what challenging for clients to stay focused when there are interruptions. 


Declutter: It never fails, client's are eager to get started. While we encourage this + often leave behind homework assignments for you to complete without us. There's no need to tidy-up or rush to buy bins + containers before our first visit, hang tight + lets do the organizing together. As we move through the space, we'll create a list of exactly which storage solutions are needed.

Apologize: It's easy to feel embarrassed about the mess but there's no reason for you to apologize... we’ve seen it all before, you're not alone + we're in this to help you. Life happens to all of us + this is a #judgementfreezone.

Be Nervous:  Getting organized is one of the best decisions you've made because you're investing in yourself.  You've committed to prioritizing your mental clarity. * you go girl! * As Clutter Therapists, we find the organizing process incredibly soothing. In fact, we love coming up with storage solutions + we study the mental + emotional triggers that anchor us to all of our belongings. Together, my job is to uncover the root-cause of the clutter + help you regain control of your space so you can move beyond the decision paralysis. 


Zinging with excitement + eager to get the ball rolling, grab your calendar, collect your thoughts + lets get better acquainted!


I'd LOVE to schedule a video chat to learn more about your project goals -- while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa!