John and Sherri Monte seated on a leather sofa in a room designed by them.


discovery meeting

Shortly after our initial Clarity Call, we’ll book a 2-hr. in home DISCOVERY MEETING.

During this time, we’ll walk through your home discussing all of your interior design-challenges + because I'm a completely open book there is absolutely nothing off limits. Lets face it, making design choices for your home can be downright daunting for some, so it's important to realize you're not alone! 

Whether you're unsure as to which area to begin, you're afraid of making a costly design mistake, or you're simply overwhelmed with too many options, you’re here because you understand why interior design is important -- this meeting is where rubber meets the road!

Husband and a wife on a laptop working in a dining room.

While some of our clients come into the meeting already having a clearly defined vision (Pinterest boards + pictures on Houzz) what they need is our expert opinion, an interior designer who has trained eye + can help finalize all the elements of their room design while also providing a fresh perspective.

Not there? Don’t fret. Many of our best interior design clients are on the opposite end of things. They have absolutely no idea where to begin + are overwhelmed by all the design choices but know that they want a place to come home to that feels like the ultimate guilty pleasure. In which case, we utilize our time brainstorming ideas, setting goals + creating a game-plan for each room design.

A blue tufted sofa with home decor on a white coffee table.

From validating your own home design ideas to providing you with endless decorating resources + my professional opinion, by the end of our Discovery Meeting you'll have a clear plan-of-action that packs purpose + direction! Using our #DecoratingRoadMap (i.e. design plan), you can decide exactly which projects you’d like to tackle on your own + which ones you’d like me to guide you through.  


Zinging with excitement + eager to get the ball rolling, grab your calendar, collect your thoughts + lets get better acquainted!


I'd LOVE to schedule a video chat to learn more about your project goals -- while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa!