A living room designed by an interior designer with soft grays and whites as well as natural wood elements.


So, you’re in need of color? We’ve got you!

Shortly after our initial Clarity Call, we’ll book a 90-minute Color Consult.

During this time, we'll chat about your design ideas, explore color preferences + begin looking at the things that influence color (i.e. lighting, existing styles, decor, use of space etc.) 

Whether your home is in the planning stage, already built or lived in for years, the process of curating the perfect color for your home is the same.

Hardwood floors and white walls make this living room with transitional modern furniture feel open and spacious.

As an award winning interior design + color expert featured on Houzz ... I get it! Interior design is important to you but the thought of being left alone to choose from thousands of paint colors, undertones + light reflective values scares the be-jesus out of you. Am I right?

Don’t fret, boo. By exploring the psychology of color together, we'll help you to continue developing your design visions for your home + suggest soothing color-combinations that will help make your home feel like the ultimate guilty pleasure! 

Minimalist design with bright and airy vibe as well as natural wood elements.

Moving forward, within a few days after your Color Consult, you can expect you're custom color-plan to arrive in your inbox.

Your #ColorDetails include:

  • 2-3 color options,

  • specific color codes

  • paint sheens

  • which walls, ceilings, etc to paint it

This way you're able to confidently walk into the paint store, buy samples, roll a swatch of paint on you walls + determine exactly which jealousy-inducing color is your favorite (psst… I highly recommend viewing the final color selection during different times of the day before finalizing your decision).

Not to mention, we’ve worked with plenty of painters over the years to develop an easy way for you to communicate all the details to your painter (shh… simply send them your #ColorDetails document) It’s as easy as that!


Zinging with excitement + eager to get the ball rolling, grab your calendar, collect your thoughts + lets get better acquainted!


I'd LOVE to schedule a video chat to learn more about your project goals -- while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa!