clarity call



Master bedroom designed by an interior designer with a suitcase and a golden retriever on the bed.

Without a doubt, the thought of hiring an Interior Designer to decorate your home or working 1-on-1 with a Home Organizer to declutter your home is exciting for some but downright daunting for others. This is why I find solace in having a plan + reminding you that…

Everything successful in life is systematized.

Husband and wife working on a laptop at a dining room table.

As the launching pad for every new project our 30-minute CLARITY CALL is the first step in terms of moving forward + creating positive change. During this time, we’ll deep dive into the psychology of home, begin chatting about your project goals + explore the various different ways I’m able to help. This time also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about working with Elegant Simplicity + our wildly successful team!

John and Sherri Monte with a golden retriever working in a design and styled room.

Lets face it, life's already complicated + when you begin juggling overstuffed schedules (we get it!) life gets insanely crazy! Which is why we bring to the table, a fresh pair of eyes + a non-bias outside perspective to help create a plan that ensures everything get done the right way.


Zinging with excitement + eager to get the ball rolling, grab your calendar, collect your thoughts + lets get better acquainted!


I'd LOVE to schedule a video chat to learn more about your project goals -- while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa!