The Psychology of Home

An Organized Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen #OrganizingRoadmap -

While our job as an interior designer is to curate beautiful things + design oooey-gooey- jealousy inducing spaces, our purpose is so much more because a home is more than simply windows, walls + fabulous paint colors.

The Psychology of Home starts with a clear understanding of what home means to you. Blending who you are as an individual (or as a family) with your surroundings. Whether it's a physical or emotional connection, our homes nourish who we are, they protect us + are a place for our friends + family to gather. 

At the core, our home is nothing more than a mirror reflection of ourselves. A brilliant window that peeks into the most intimate corners of our soul, protecting the most beautiful memories from our past, making room for every nook + cranny to be filled with laughter + love.

Everything we bring into our home should reflect who we are, who we've been or who we want to become.

When we walk thorough the front door of our home it feels like we're looking deep into our soul. Our home should tell our story, it should tell other whats important to us. That is how we make a home feel like you very own... guilty pleasure!

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