The Decluttering Hack That Forever Changed The Way I Organize Everything

Coffee, books, blankets, flowers tossed on a chair in living room.

Ever feel like you’re being pulled in 1k different directions?

Well my friend, I’m here to reaffirm that the struggle -- to accomplish everything we set out to do before reaching burnout + fatigue -- is real.

#TruthBomb this is what nearly everyday looks + feels like in my world! And that is, ok.

Because it’s had such a massive impact on me, I wanted to share with you, one of the single most important things that’s forever changed the way I declutter... everything!!!

It’s literally altered my perception.

My approach.

And, my philosophy in terms of personally getting organized.

As well as changed the way I help clients set up systems to ensure they stay one step ahead of things around the house.

So, what the heck is it? Drumroll plz...

Hooks hung on a wall for handbags in a modern interior.


The one mind-blowing, utterly ama-z-Z-zing superpower that forever changed my life is purpose-driven organization.

Huh...come again? Stay with me while I explain, sis.

Think of an area in your home you’re struggling to get organized?

Whenever I feel overwhelmed because I’m not sure where to dig in or it feels like I’m in a motivational slump to finish something like organizing our pantry -- because Brooklyn has destroyed it for the hundredth umpteenth time -- I ask myself: what’s the primary purpose for this space in my home?

Instead of getting hung up on the emotional + mental roadblocks of not being able to find what I need, this simple question helps me refocus myself on what is important now.

In other words:

IF we take a step back from the minutiae + the stress that comes from not knowing...

IF we pause the debilitating notions that we have too much stuff + a project is too big to tackle all at once…

IF we notice that we’re in (what I like to call) the crazy cycle, take a minute to think about the overall purpose + how you envision using this area of your home when none of this mess is here.

Mentally, it’s a breath of fresh air because now, we aren’t focused on the what that needs to be done -- but the why + the how it will make us feel once it finally is!

There, right there in that refreshing mindset, lies the purpose + the driver to getting organized.

But wait, there’s more…

Glasses, tape and an old fashioned paper organizer laid on the bed.


After uncovering the emotional connections we have with our belongings we’re ready to dive feet-first into the Psychology of Home + develop a deeper understanding about the actual things we need in our space in order for it to serve us better.

Gasp... now that’s a brilliant + oddly refreshing concept, eh?

Think about:

  • What’s the overall purpose of an area?

  • What activities take place in this space?

  • What will an organized room do for us mentally... Will it motivate or inspire us?

  • What will it do for us physically?

  • How will it make our lives better or easier?

Getting organized + decluttering your home isn’t about purging + throwing away things you don’t use.

In fact, it should be less about stuffing the things you don’t know what to do with + more about how to make your home serve you better.

This way you can relax, recharge + give your best to the people who matter most.

Now that is a #TruthBomb if I ever heard one.

A laptop, artwork, pens, books and flowers laid out on a walnut deck in a modern office.



Clutter is the biggest enemy of clarity!

But if we understand the motivating ‘why’ that’s driving our desire to have a beautifully organized home, it’s so much easier for us to get + stay motivated!

Now, let’s go deeper than just identifying the purpose of this thorn-in-your side space.

Ask yourself:

Is there anything that you like about it? What works or doesn’t work?

With your purpose being front of mind it’s easier to connect the dots within daily routines, identify what’s working vs. what isn’t + create unique solutions because... our focus is on the why (how it will make you feel when it’s done.)

Organizing with a purpose (one that is unique to your circumstances) instead of with a “just get-it-done” mentality creates efficient routines that are relatively easy to maintain.

Who knew organizing and decluttering your home could be so easy?

Instead of zeroing in on the mess of what needs to be done because all it does is cause stress + anxiety which is somethin’ this sista doesn’t need; focus on the why + the how it’ll make you feel once it is done (a.k.a. the purpose)

So go… discover for yourself, your new superpower chicka!

And remember, if you need help I happen to know a super-human home organizer.

And for those of you who’ve mastered the “function without sleep, can work dusk-to-dawn + knock every task on your todo-list out of the park…” let’s talk. (I’d love to pick your brain because you know exactly how clutter affects your life!)

— Sherri



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