The Ripple Effect

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Saying we live a crazy life is an understatement because the truth is... it's absolutely bonkers. 

Sure, we're always tired. We work too much, we de-prioritize or neglect certain areas of our lives in hopes of finding work-life balance. Running a million miles a minutes, we're either here or over there + by the time we eventually cross the finish line we're beyond exhausted.  -- virtual fist-bump if you can relate!

At the end of a long + exhausting day all we want is to come home to a place where we can relax, decompress + unwind from the noise + the daily nonsense but instead we open the front door greeted by a dumping ground!

Saaay whaaaat... How'd this happen?

From the pile of shoes by the front door or the mound of paperwork spilling from the kitchen counter onto the dining table. Somehow all of this is okay for awhile because life happens to all of us.

But eventually we reach our tipping point.

We wake up realizing that all the mental stress we carry, everything that makes our lives messy has literally spilled into every nook, cranny + out of sight crevice of our home. This my friend, is what I call the ripple effect. 

The only way to fix it is to understand the psychology of YOUR home.

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