How To Mix + Match Patterns for an Interesting Space



When it comes to bringing your breathtakingly gorgeous space to life, we have quite a bit of designer awesomeness up our sleeves. (psst… Mixing patterns falls into that category!)

So how do you mix patterns in a way that's less messy bun + more holy chic? Come closer, boo + let me tell you the secret…

Choose a Palette that Gives You All the Feels.

The first step is selecting a palette for your space. After all, how can we pick patterns you’ll be addicted to if we don't even know which colors will be the lucky guests in your home?

If you already have a color palette that makes you swoon, three cheers to you! BUT… if you’re still unsure which colors will give you that heart-tingling, energizing yet ahhhhh feeling when you come home every day, we’ll help you find the ones that do it for you.

This is part of our design process + we l-o-o-o-v-e it!


Create Design Harmony with One Fabulous Print.

Whether you notice them or not, every design includes a “bridge,” the one or two pieces that bring contrasting elements into harmony in your space. This is especially true when it comes to mixing patterns!

The best bridge in this case is ONE delicious, flavored with magic pattern that brings together ALL the colors of your palette. Some great items for this role are area rugs, drapery, art + throw pillows.

Once we find that perfect piece, we can then look for other single-color patterns to go with! And let me chauffeur you to our next step…


Select Complementary Patterns in a Mix of Sizes.

Now that we have our palette + a hot-daaayum-harmonious design bridge, we can select a few more complementary patterns. Here’s where another trick comes in…

Size. Matters.

Each pattern has a size—small, medium + large—and you want to make sure to mix them not match them. Two large patterns will both be waving their hands in the air for your attention, but a small + a large pattern will be the best of smiling buds!

Now, it’s true, we’ll always present you with patterns that work well in your space. You won’t have to do any heavy mental lifting yourself… but now, at least, you have a backstage glimpse at how they all work together!

How does that steaming serving of confidence + design savvy feel, huh? ;)


Watch Your Space Transform Before Your Eyes!

This is the pop. fizz. clink! moment we’ve all been waiting for — implementing our design concepts + drool-worthy selections!!

I get beyoooond EXCITED for this part, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be over-the-moon, happy-crying about it too! So I have to ask… what’s stopping you boo? ;)

I’ll be back here soon, but for more design advice + fab finds, don’t forget to join our weekly newsletter below!

— Sherri




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