How Much is Clutter Costing You?

The overwhelming notion that the more stuff we have.. the better our lives will be. Everywhere I look this message is being continuously in-grained in our way of thinking + if I'm being honest.. it drives me ABSOLUTELY mad!

Seriously, lets consider how much time, money + not to mention the amount of energy it takes to accumulate all of our seemingly fabulous belongings. When we actually look at clutter, from this perspective, it's nearly impossible to ignore the cost of clutter vs. the value of living a simple + organized life.  

Although we live in a 'see it before we believe it' it society, having (too much) actually takes away from our quality of life.

Lets break down the COST of CLUTTER vs. the VALUE of ORGANIZING

How Much Is Clutter Costing You? #OrganizingRoadmap -


  • Constant Stress
  • Wasted time looking for things
  • Paying for extra storage
  • Embarrassment
  • Buying duplicates for lost items
  • Late fees on bills + taxes
  • Lost tickets + gift certificates
  • Missed opportunities
  • Family tension

Starting today, I'm challenging you to adopt the concept of "Living Better with Less." Move from buying things unconsciously to purchasing with a purpose.


  • Better mental clarity
  • More time
  • More usable space
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Extra money
  • No more late fees
  • Increased productivity
  • Freedom to pursue your goals
  • Household harmony
How Much Is Clutter Costing You? #OrganizingRoadmap -

By living with the belongings you already have + buying on the things you love or truly need, you'll begin to realize that "living better with less" is not only better for your space + for your wallet; ultimately, it's better for your emotional well being... I promise!