9 How-To Tips for Maximizing Joy in Your Space



We could gush over Pinterest + Insta photos alllll day, but when it comes to the space you live in, there's so much more to it... than bajillions of shiny new distractions.

Here are 9 tips for Bringing Joy Into Your Space... the happy-dance, completely addicted, is-this-real-life kind. ;)

1. Bring Some Color into Your Space

Color plays a huuuuuge role in how you feel about your space, but also how you feel IN your space. If you want a home that brings you joy, take some time to discover which colors keep you crushing long-time.

And remember, it's not about making only your eyes happy. What color(s) give you excitement + that heart-tingling feeling of absolute contentment and bliss? Like finding the right man (I’m winking at you, John!)

...you’ll know when you know!


2. Space Planning that Works for You + Your Family

Real talk, you simply can’t get into your happy zone if you’re stubbing toes on the coffee table every morning *yikes!*

When it comes to little inconveniences, it’s easy to push them aside. They’re not the end of the world, right? BUT, happiness is an “inside job”. Once you recognize how you’re interacting (or fighting) with your space, you can pour some creative juice into some solutions!

3. Choose Textures Your Eyes Will Love to Feel

Texture does SO much for dialing-up the mood + creating a mind blowing space! Once you decide how you want your space to feel, you can texture. it. up.

Dreaming of a home full of warm-fuzzies you can really sink into? Play up a variety of soft textiles, like wool, cashmere, shag, or knit. Craving a relaxing, retreat-away-from home that gives you all the feels? Add some items made from natural materials, like wicker, rattan, raffia, or jute.


4. Organize Your Space as Much as Possible

As Clutter Therapist(s), we know the spine-tingling joy of an organized space… not limited to feelings of lightness, peace + boundless freedom!

Buuuuut, we also know how gosh-darn-easy it is to drag your feet on getting started. Take it from us — when all is said + done, you'll be wondering why on this lush, green Earth you didn't do it sooner! (Yup, we've heard this one over + over again.)

So if you have some spaces that could use a little love, give ‘em all the love you’ve got or come pow-wow with us. Your joy depends on it. ;)

5. Choose Lighting that Brightens Your Mood

Lighting can seduce you, entice you, or… put you right to sleep! That’s why it’s so important to find lighting with the best undertones for the space + its function.

Look at the lighting in your space to see how it's affecting your daily activities + joy. Switching out a bulb or two can stop the snooze-fest and have you throwing confetti or taking a pleasure break instead. It’s up to you. ;)


6. Remember that Less is More

No doubt about it, the "less is more" rule applies to your happiest home. Even if your home is organized, an over-crowded space does not make a happy soul.

Are there any items in your home that your family could happily live without? (Yes, even if they were gifts!) If so, consider finding those items new + happier home homes. You'll benefit from spacious freedom and the joy of giving. Win-win!

7. Create a Technology-Free Zone

No secrets here — replacing technology time with family time is comfort food for the soul. The easiest way to unplug from our devices these days (because let's be honest, it's hard) is to create a designated tech-free space.

Some ideas… you could fill the space with books, games, creative activities, and best of all, furniture you + your family can sink into with ooey-gooey pleasure.


8. Harness the Emotional Impact of Your Favorite Scents

We use all of our senses when living in our homes, so why not put a little intention behind one of the most powerful ones — scent!

*Ahem* ...shopping break!

Treat yourself to a field trip of your favorite candle or home scents stores, and find some aromas that make your nose + soul tingle with joy! Add them to your home and you’re one step closer to that dreamy, head-in-the-clouds space.

9. Use Greenery to Liven Things Up

Here’s another underestimated way to bring some joy to your space... plants! A little life + a splash of vibrant green = healing, liveliness + joy for the soul. Really, it’s a fact. ;)

Now, if you’re thinking, “Sherri, I curse every plant I touch!” there’s still hope for you, my friend. Faux plants are just as effective joy-bringers + I’ve seen some that are so well-made they’ll have you looking twice.

Have no fear — go for it!



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Andddd we’ve reached 9! That’s a lot of ways to bring joy into your home, amiright?

Remember, your to-die-for home isn’t going to happen in a day. To get gorgeous success, I suggest you focus on one tip at a time + have a total, all-out blast with it.

Now that’s the joyful home you deserve!

Until next time,