7 Reasons You’ll Fall Head Over Heels for an Interior Designer



You know interior designers create almost too-good-to-be true spaces, but did you know we do wayyyyy more than that?

We’re your confidant. We’re that fearless (and amazingly sassy) best friend. We’re the ones who have your back + clean up spills before you even know they’re there. Sign me up!

Here’s all that we love to do for you… and why you’ll love it, too.

#7 | Spaces that Makes Your Heart Pound

Let’s talk about the elephant in this wildly awesome room first: we design spaces for you. Not your neighbor, not those chic little Insta squares — you.

Why settle for a watered-down space when it could be a really juicy, page-turning love letter to you + your family? Yes, please!


#6 | AHmazing Connections

Real talk: interior designers aren’t one-man shows, or even two-man. (hey, John!) Teams of people have our backs… and any friend of ours instantly becomes a friend of yours.

This fun little working family includes those skilled craftsmen, handy contractors, and dozens of product suppliers who, between you + me, often give us below-market rates on their latest + finest. Dibs!!

#5 | Jealousy-Inducing Efficiency

A design project is like one big puzzle, and if you let them, those puzzle pieces will crawl up, down + every which-way like toddlers with a taste for freedom!

Interior designers who have been around the block a few times (or a hundred) know how to wrangle all the aspects of a project.

We’ll plan for your optimal timeline, budget + manage everything from start to O-M-G finish.


#4 | Navigating the Big Stuff

Like everything in this rom-com called life, stuff can happen. Lucky for you, an interior designer’s trained eyes can spot issues before they even start. We’ll navigate any avoidable problems, saving your timeline, budget + sanity. (Not necessarily in that order!)

If something not-so-good should arise, we won’t bring you a frustrating problem. We’ll bring you a very happy solution... or two, or three to choose from.

#3 | Put Your Home to Work!

I already covered the dreamy, fall-in-love-with-your-home aspect of our role, but I didn’t mention the functional side of things.

We want your home to work for you + your family.

Nope, not talking about a “smart” home over here. I’m talking about having a well-planned space, cohesive flow from room to room, storage that makes sense for your needs + beyond.

Addicted to Voss like we are? Let’s set up storage for surplus right where you’ll need it. Hungry kiddos who like to nom on after-school snacks? Let’s create a thoughtful + joyful space for them.


#2 | Blissfully… Normal

Imagine you’re at work + your phone rings. It’s one of your contractors telling you about an issue they found. Now you have to dash out of the office like a mad-woman while mumbling hurried excuses to your coworkers.

Um... awkward.

We don’t put you in this situation. We handle everything so you can continue living your normal life — whatever your definition of the word. ;)

#1 | Peace of Mind

As your chauffeurs on this joy-ride, we’re the ones who navigate the road for you and give you ultimate peace of mind.

You get to ride shotgun, gaze dreamily out the window, and arrive at our dream destination ready to fall in love with your home.


In other words, we pour our heart + soul into your project so you can savor every happy, delicious moment with your family.

And we love it.

— Sherri



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